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We have been on the Malaysian curry scene for more than 3 decades. Our first ever product, the Fish & Prawn Curry Paste was a huge hit in the local community when it was first launched and remains one of our bestsellers till today.

Why did it make so much of an impact on the local community? And how did we come up with a variety of other flavors that cater to the hungry foodie? Let's take a brief walk down memory lane...

30 years ago, there was a restaurant located in Penang, Malaysia. We were the proud owners of that restaurant, serving all these delicious and mouthwatering Malaysian curry dishes, and it got to the point where the restaurant was so well known for its curry dishes that even curry and food lovers from Singapore and Thailand were making their way there.


Customers were always asking whether we could share the recipes and sell some of their curry paste, packed within individual packets. More and more of these inquiries started coming in and we had started putting some serious thought into creating a curry paste business. In
2002, ideas became a reality and our first ever curry paste made its way into the market despite it was not properly branded.


We have successfully launched many different curry paste flavours, each one loved by the foodie community. In addition to tasting great, all of our products are certified as HALAL so they are safe for our Muslim customers to enjoy!


Only natural spices and herbs of the highest quality go into the production of our curry pastes. We are big believers in healthy-eating and living a healthy lifestyle, and we do our part by offering quality curry pastes for your enjoyment. So, customers always given us a lot of positive feedback on our products.

In 2008, VJ Foodstuff Import & Export Sdn Bhd was established. Nyor Nyar - our own brand of curry paste was officially born.


We're changing our business from restaurant to a curry paste manufacturing factory to reflect the fact that our brand is becoming increasingly global and more people around the world are falling in love with the amazing taste of our curry pastes.


There are many foodies out there who love the food in Malaysia and love the country's mouthwatering selection of curries. We've set up a content-rich website to cater to their needs, and to really get the word out there that we makes incredibly curry pastes. By buying our products, they too can enjoy the taste of Malaysian curry anytime, anywhere. Also, we love to hear from people everywhere and broaden their knowledge of curries and that's why we've decided to create a strong online marketplace presence and community that curry lovers can avail themselves of.

We're growing, but we can't do it without the love and patronage of our many customers. We're definitely very thankful of all our customers, the new ones who've just found us and the who have supported us over the years. If you like our products, tell your family, tell your friends - sharing is caring, so spread the joy around.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have anything to share, whether it be praise, complaints or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us - we're always here for you.

We've worked with many businesses to launch their own brand of curry paste from scratch. Outsource your production to us.
Some restaurants, hawkers & fast food stores use our curry paste in their kitchen. We can provide you with an authentic Penang flavour.
Some big brands bring their recipe to us. Choose our factory to cook and pack your products.
We are a licensed exporter of curry paste & other food condiment items to many countries. We can be your trusted partner in Malaysia.
Vegan loves our curry paste. Many Buddhist vegetarian who follow strict diets chose our brand over others. Be our reseller.
We love giving back to the society and feeding the poor. It helps building the community we live in. You can talk with us to see if we are able to help.
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What Customers Say
"I have received my curry and I got to admit the curry paste is different has a strong but not bland taste that I have already recommended to friends and family."
Jason Cruzado
United States
"I love the curry you guys make I'm going to try getting different ones, the only one I have tried is the chicken curry one. I have tried many curry pastes from different retailers. My friend ordered this and it had to be the best tasting chicken curry I had ever had. It was awesome, I'm waiting for my order to make my own at home!"
Bokhari Hassan
United States
"In Germany it is very cold right now, we have had a lot of snow, about half a meter and temperature to -20 degrees. Now, your curry helped to get a little warm inside, and it tastes really good. My wife created a special recipe, with some coconut milk, and chicken meat; absolutely delicious."
Dieter Frieauff
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Christine Oh

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John Tan

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