Distribution / Wholesale / Retail

Distribution / Wholesale / Retail

Are you interested in importing our products into your country of residence/operations? Have you found that there is a huge demand for high quality easy-to-cook curry paste and curry products in your local market? If the answer to these question is a resounding “yes!”, then you might want to consider Nyor Nyar for fulfilling your marketing needs.

Or perhaps, If you own a retail shop or supermarket and want to offer your customers some high-quality curry paste and curry products, we would be happy to help stock your shelves with our products.

Because we value our relationships with our retail partners, we create a page on our website that lists every retailer who sell our curry pastes in their stores. And we would be happy to add you to that list. By putting your store on that list, we’re introducing your store to the world and telling them that you sell our curry pastes. We will either send a sales representative to your store, or arrange for a nearby
distributor to meet with you.

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