Private Label Service with Us

Private Label Service with Us

Our private label production and online marketing services offer everything you need to creatively and effectively launch your product, gain brand awareness, and maintain a loyal customer base. We aim to make growing your business easy, thus, making you a Happy and Prosperous Customer!


Step 1: Formulation

While we do carry a line of quality in-house products that can be privately labeled should you chose to go that route, we also understand that many business owners have their own product plans and ideas and would rather design a completely new and unique branding. We have a dedicated team of specialists who work with our in-house expert to ensure the quality of your potential product.

Our facilities and staff are fully prepared to handle any and all types and sizes of private label products but there is one rule of thumb – we only formulate from natural ingredients!


Step 2: Manufacturing

Our manufacturing center team is dedicated to creating products to meet your exact specifications. Once you have completed the formulation process, we can determine the most effective delivery system of your product. Our manufacturing processes are designed to handle small quantities, as well as larger volume orders.

Our professional team will walk you through each step of the manufacturing process. The physical properties of your product ingredients will need to be carefully considered when determining which product form will be best for you.


Step 3: Labelling

In a vast and competitive market, retailers and distributors must take extra precaution in order to set themselves apart from other providers. We understand the importance of developing a loyal customer base and also getting your products constantly in front of new potential buyers. The key to accomplishing both of these goals effectively lies in having your own custom brand and private label.

We employ an experienced design team who have years of experience in creative design industry. Let our team help you give your products an identity and make them recognisable and attractive to your customers.


Step 4: Certification

Success shouldn’t be hindered by unfamiliar restrictions, so we are dedicated to assisting our clients through all industry red tape, and regulatory compliance in both domestic and international marketplaces.

We can assist in obtaining on documented certification such as: Trademark, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free sale, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS (material safety data sheet) and Halal Certificate.


Step 5: Fulfillments

Our support doesn’t end once your product is manufactured – we continue to assist our clients by offering complete, global supplement shipping services. Whether you need your products shipped to one location, or need more widespread to other countries, the process is simple, affordable, and allows you to focus on building your business.

We have developed special business partnerships, along with discounted pricing, with a variety of shipping vendors. As vendors may vary in pricing and delivery times, we match your order up with the shipping method that best suits your budgetary needs.

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